A pair of sunglasses is a fashionable accessory but for a lot of people is a way of expression! Buying sunglasses online most of the time makes you wonder: Is it going to suit me? What if it’s too big? Or too small? Well, we are here to help you! Let’s take a look at the face shapes and the reccomended sunglasses for each.


As a starting point, we need to break down the parts that a face is consisted of. The face shape is divided into three parts:

  • the forehead and cheekbones width,
  • the jawline
  • the face length

If you don’t know what your face shape is, all you need to do is look in the mirror and answer these easy questions! Let us break it down for you; What is the widest part of my face? If it is your forehead then perhaps you have an oval face. If you answered that your cheekbones are wider, then probably you have a round face shape.

Moving on to the jawline! If your jawline is slender, coming to a point it means that you have a heart-shaped face. If your jawline is strong it means that you have a square face shape.

Last feauture you should check is the face length. For instance, a round-shaped face is short but an oval face is long.

There are six main types of face shapes. There is a high possibility to have characteristics of more than one category of face shapes, so don’t you worry! This is totally normal!

Square. A square shaped face has minimal curves to it. It is defined by the same width of the jaw, the forehead and the cheeck bones. The jaw has sharp angles.

Triangle. A triangle face is usually defined by a wider jaw and gradually gets narrow to the forehead.

Heart. A heart-shaped face starts with a wider forehead. Towards the chin the face gets more angled and it finishes into a slender jawline.

Oval. In an oval-shaped face all of the feautures are even and balanced. Usually, the chin is more narrow than the forehead.

Round. In the round-shaped faces everything is pretty symmetrical. The face is about the same length and width. The chin and the jawline are also rounded.

Diamond. In a diamond-shaped face the forehead and the chin are narrow and the cheekbones are wider and higher than other face shapes.

Square Shaped Face

A square shaped face has strong and well-defined angles with minimal curves to it. The chin is less pointed than in other categories.

In order to compliment these beutiful feautures of yours you need to check out rounder and oval sunglasses, butterflies or retro squared frames. In that case, your sunglasses will contrast your strong face shape!

Our recommendations are:

Triangle Shaped Face

A triangle shaped face has a defined jawbone with a jawline being the narrowest point of the face.

The ideal pair of sunglasses will highlight your face balance and will decrease the heavy jawline. The recommendable frames would be the ones that are going up and will empasize the symmetry, such as cat-eyes, square and bigger oval frames. You can choose frames with details on the upper portion!

Our reccomendations are:

Heart Shaped Face

A heart-shaped face starts with a wider forehead and finishes in a narrower chin. Heading down to the chin the features are getting more angled.

The ideal pair of sunglasses would be the one that will lengthen the look and will soft down the straight edges to give the illusion of a rounded shape. The reccommendable frames would be the more oversized sunglasses, cat-eyes, butterflies and squared.

Our reccommendations are:

Oval Shaped Face

An oval-shaped face is longer than it is wide. The most of the face feautures are all equal and symmetrical and that makes it the ideal face for all the styles of sunglasses.

An oval-shaped face is able to wear all of the styles, from cat eyes to vintage sunglasses, to oversized squared frames. A tip to find the perfect fit for you is to pay attention to the top side of the frames; The fit will be amazing if your eyebrows follow the top line of the frame! If you choose an oversized frame make sure that it doesn’t cover your natural feautures.

Our reccommendations are:

Round Shaped Face

A round shaped face is similar to a square shaped one with the main difference that the round shaped face’s angles are softer. All of the face feautures are almost the same width and length.

The ideal pair of sunglasses would be the one that would make the shape look more slender and sharpened. In order to compliment a round shaped face we would reccommend squared frames, cat eyes, butterflies and rectangular frames that would give contrast.

Our reccommendations:

Diamond Shaped Face

A diamond shaped face is defined by the strong and wide cheekbones and by the narrow and angular chin. Usually, the forehead and the jaw are equal in width and the cheekbones are the widest part of the face feautures.

The ideal pair of sunglasses would be the one that would highlight your cheekbones. You can choose small oval and round frames, as well as cat-eyes and semi rimless frames. All of the frames mentioned above will have a beautiful contrast with your chin and will boost your cheekbones.

Our reccommendations are:

So, now that you know your face shape and how to choose the right pair of sunglasses to compliment your natural features, you should be ready to pick your perfect JOĖL sunglasses! Don’t forget to be confident, put on your best smile and rock it with your new style!

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